I’m Chris! By day, I’m a programmer who’s equally at home debating thorny architectural tradeoffs or wedging academia-shaped pegs into reality-shaped holes. By night, ditto.

Not only do I dabble in everything, but I’m that worst kind of amateur – the self-styled polymath who knows just enough to think she’s a genius Why learn things when you can optimise for the y-axis of the Dunning-Kruger graph? All of the self-satisfaction, none of the effort.

. This blog is an outlet for that dilettantism, which, all considered, is probably a better use of my time than trying to mesh the Fifteen Fundamental Properties with Westergaardian tonal theory, or re-implementing the rsync protocol in Idris with session types. (Though those sound like fun. This is what I get for trying to be hyperbolic.)

Look elsewhere if you’re after authoritative expertise on, well, anything.

Browse on if you’re interested in anything subtle, nebulous, or complicated enough for me to have nerdsniped myself with. You know, the fun stuff.